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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

User accuses YouTube of censoring video questioning 9/11 story

Another claim of YouTube censorship--this time claiming that the censorship efforts are targeting controversial 9/11 theories.  In the video below, a user calling himself FederalJacktube6 breaks down the fact that a previously posted video of his, which questioned the official account of 9/11 by running a clip of an NBC News story describing the breadth of the debris field for Flight 93 was tagged by YouTube as "Video blocked worldwide."

FederalJacktube6 also demonstrates that many other videos reproducing NBC News broadcasts dealing with other issues were not blocked.  This proves that NBC and YouTube are not simply tagging all NBC News videos for copyright reasons.  It is not clear whether he is accusing YouTube or NBC of taking the actions that target controversial, anti-establishment videos.

The user explains that to avoid a penalty against hisYouTube account, he is forced to delete the tagged video.

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